Data News

Zephyr has added two new databases to its line-up!
The Financial Times and Stock Exchange (FTSE) is now available with our Full Index Update. Morningstar Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) are now available for purchase.
New S&P US Sectors Database
This database includes all the US indexes that are part of the S&P 500, 400, 600, and 1500 which is about 1000 indexes. It includes all 4 levels of the GICS for these market cap breakdowns and also some of the composite, growth and value indexes. The fields that included are Index Group which names what market cap breakdown (100, 400, etc.) they fall in and another field for GICS Level (Sector, Industry Group, Industry, Sub-Industry).

Company Related News

When Complicated Funds' Benchmarks Don't Measure Up

Marc Odo, Director of Research, was quoted in an article titled, "When Complicated Funds' Benchmarks Don't Measure Up",  written by Whitney Curry Wimbish of BoardIQ, a Financial Times Service.

Marc Odo, Director of Research, Featured in WealthTechBriefing

Marc Odo was featured in WealthTechBriefing with a guest opinion: "Diversification In The Age of Globalisation."

Marc Odo Featured in Financial Advisor

Marc Odo was recently featured in Financial Advisor in his original article, "Is Diversification Dead? Wrong? Dead Wrong?"

Product News

Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) 4.9 Has Been Released!

ZOD 4.9 has some exciting new features that expand the software's blend and parameter set capabilities.

StyleADVISOR/AllocationADVISOR 8.2 Has Been Released!

Zephyr is pleased to announce the release of StyleADVISOR/AllocationADVISOR 8.2! We encourage clients to upgrade their software and experience all of the features the new versions have to offer. If you are not a client and interested in finding out more information about StyleADVISOR/AllocationADVISOR 8.2, please call 1-800-789-5323 or 775-588-0654 in the U.S. and +44 207 190-3343 in Europe and ask to speak with a Sales Representative or email or

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