Data News

Zephyr has added two new databases to its line-up!

The Financial Times and Stock Exchange (FTSE)
FTSE is distributed on a monthly basis with the Full Index Update. It has 216 United Kingdom indices included. It also includes a number of qualitative fields such as Number of Constituents, Market Capitalization, Dividend Yield, Net Cover, and PE Ratio. The Index database is included with a standard subscription to StyleADVISOR. For more information about FTSE, please contact our Client Support department at 1-800-789-5323 or

Morningstar Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)
This database is available for purchase as a separate data subscription. It includes 6,133 products and over 300 fields. Morningstar SMA also contains both monthly and quarterly data and is distributed monthly. For more information about the Morningstar SMA database or to subscribe, please contact a Zephyr sales representative at 1-800-789-5323 or

New S&P US Sectors Database

This database includes all the US indexes that are part of the S&P 500, 400, 600, and 1500 which is about 1000 indexes. It includes all 4 levels of the GICS for these market cap breakdowns and also some of the composite, growth and value indexes. The fields included are Index Group which names what market cap breakdown (100, 400, etc.) they fall in and another field for GICS Level (Sector, Industry Group, Industry, Sub-Industry). For example, you can query on all indexes in the S&P 500 at the Sector level. I have also included the Market Cap, Constituents (number of stocks in index) and dividend yield of the index.


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