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Zephyr StyleADVISOR 8.5 Has Been Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr StyleADVISOR 8.5! We encourage clients to upgrade their software and experience all of the new features this version has to offer.


  • Ability to apply customized fees to any return series in order to reflect the impact of such fees on performance or any number of other variables. Custom fees can be applied to any manager, benchmark, blend, or custom return series. For more information on the math StyleADVISOR uses when fees are applied, visit the article here.
  • Ability to batch export workbook tabs as enhanced metafiles (.emf) or as encapsulated postcript files (.eps). This new functionality is designed for users who need to export content in bulk from StyleADVISOR as images for use in external applications like Microsoft® PowerPoint.
  • Improved support for Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1.


You can get more information by checking out the guide to new features by clicking here. For a demo of the new features in either product, please e-mail to schedule an appointment.


If you would like to upgrade to 8.5, please email to schedule an appointment. A conversation prior to upgrade is necessary due to possible configuration changes related to new Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1 support in this version. 

Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) 4.9 Has Been Released!

ZOD is our cutting-edge, web-based reporting tool designed to work in complement with Zephyr's industry-leading StyleADVISOR desktop software. ZOD allows asset managers or advisory firms to fully empower their sales and marketing representatives by giving them the ability to quickly and easily generate compliance approved Zephyr reports on the fly from any location.

For more information about ZOD, visit the ZOD product page or contact our U.S. sales team at 1-800-789-5323 or or our Europe-based sales team at +44 207 237 3090 or


StyleADVISOR/AllocationADVISOR 8.2 Has Been Released!



  • Undo and redo are now possible within ReportVIEW. You can also undo and redo multiple steps within regular charts and tables outside of ReportVIEW.
  • .zsax (workbook) and .zttx (template) files using a lot of tables open more quickly.
  • Export scripts can use .zsax (workbook) and .zttx (template) files.
  • The Help menu has been reorganized to make information easier to find.


  • Display the Capital Allocation Line on the Efficient Frontier.
  • Use adjustable inflation rates in a Monte Carlo simulation and apply them to cash flows.
  • The ability to interpolate between sets of expected portfolio mean and variance values in a Monte Carlo simulation is now available.
  • The Help menu has been reorganized just like StyleADVISOR.

We welcome any questions or ideas you have now or in the future. If you are a client and have questions regarding the upgrade, please contact Client Support at 1-800-789-5323 or 775-588-0654 or If you are not a client and interested in finding out more information about the new versions, please call 1-800-789-5323 or 775-588-0654 in the U.S. and +44 207 190 3343 in Europe and ask to speak with a Sales Representative or email or


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