Endowments and Foundations

ReportingIn today's volatile global markets, it is more challenging than ever to achieve well diversified investment portfolios that balance opportunities for growth with optimal risk control. Zephyr's industry-leading StyleADVISOR analytical software gives endowments and foundations the tools they need to effectively research investment managers and build efficient portfolios themselves or to maintain independent oversight of their investment consultants and money managers. Our robust and Manager Performance Graphpowerful software enables the overseers of endowments and foundation assets to:

  • Access return data for all marketable security asset classes including mutual funds & ETFs, separately managed accounts (SMAs), stocks, annuities, hedge funds, and more, or upload your own custom return streams
  • Risk/Return GraphPerform quick, yet sophisticated manager analyses utilizing the software’s 125 key statistics and metrics in an intuitive workflow
  • Maintain more diligent oversight of managers and/or consultants by comparing actual account returns to published composite returns and to other investment products
  • Enhance UPMIFA/UMIFA compliance by conducting in-depth manager searches 
  • Explore diversification options for your portfolio by building efficient frontiers from any combination of investable asset classes
  • Model probabilities of meeting future plan obligations with various investment portfolios using our Monte Carlo simulation module
  • Create customized analysis workbooks or fund fact sheets from our drag-and-drop gallery

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-789-5323 or 1-775-588-0654 or sales@informais.com.


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