Financial Advisors

Manager ScanWhether you advise individuals, retirement plans, endowments/foundations or other corporate or government institutions, Zephyr’s StyleADVISOR and AllocationADVISOR will benefit your practice throughout the entire investment advisory process. Our comprehensive, robust and flexible software enables financial advisors to:

  • Access return data for all marketable security asset classes including mutual funds & ETFs, separately Single Manager Analysismanaged accounts (SMAs), stocks, annuities, hedge funds, and more, or easily upload your own custom return streams
  • Perform quick, yet sophisticated manager and peer group analyses utilizing the software’s 125 key statistics and metrics in an intuitive workflow
  • Easily create customized analysis workbooks by Manager Analysischoosing any chart or table from our unique drag-and-drop gallery and customizing the content, look and feel
  • Conduct in-depth manager searches by screening on any combination of quantitative or qualitative investment criteria 
  • Create more efficient investment portfolios and make tactical asset allocation decisions using either classic mean variance optimization or our sophisticated Black-Litterman optimization module.
  • Estimate the probability of meeting future wealth goals with various investment portfolios while considering user-defined inputs and cash flows with our powerful Monte Carlo simulation module
  • Streamline your client reporting using the program’s extensive custom reporting and design tools as well as our Power Presenter capabilities that allow you to easily include dynamic StyleADVISOR metrics, charts or tables in your Microsoft Office documents or Adobe PDFs

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