Money Managers

Single Manager AnalysisThe number of investment products available in today’s market is overwhelming. Zephyr’s StyleADVISOR helps money managers to more effectively position their investment products to investment consultants or other financial advisors by allowing them to highlight the most compelling aspects of their product performance and/or risk profile relative to their peers or market benchmarks. Our robust, flexible and powerful software enables money managers to:

  • Visual Scan GraphAccess return data for all marketable security products including mutual funds & ETFs, separately managed accounts (SMAs), stocks, annuities, hedge funds, and more, or upload your own custom return streams
  • Clearly and concisely summarize your product performance through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • AllocationADVISOR Custom PortfolioAnalyze your product's performance and risk profile on any metric for any timeframe to move beyond simple trailing performance comparisons to highlight how you add value relative to your peers or direct competitors
  • Create custom analysis workbooks or product fact sheets from our drag-and-drop gallery
  • Combine Zephyr analytics with other third party information to create marketing “pitch books” in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word or Adobe PDF format that are easily updated
  • Illustrate where your investment strategy fits within a total portfolio with our asset allocation and efficient frontier analysis

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