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Early Index Update

.exe09/30/202165.34 MB10/05/2021
.zip09/30/202164.88 MB10/05/2021
.exe09/30/202195.78 MB10/05/2021
.zip09/30/202195.33 MB10/05/2021

Full Index Update

.exe09/30/202164.81 MB10/13/2021
.zip09/30/202164.36 MB10/13/2021
.exe09/30/202194.56 MB10/13/2021
.zip09/30/202194.11 MB10/13/2021

Global Financial Data, Inc. – Long Term Index Data

.exe09/30/20213.76 MB10/12/2021
.zip09/30/20213.29 MB10/12/2021
.exe09/30/20213.96 MB10/12/2021
.zip09/30/20213.48 MB10/12/2021

Japanese (Yen terms) Indexes


Morningstar SBBI

.exe08/31/20213.73 MB09/10/2021
.zip08/31/20213.25 MB09/10/2021
.exe08/31/20213.93 MB09/10/2021
.zip08/31/20213.46 MB09/10/2021

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